Why Every Manager Needs To Take a ServSafe Safety Exam

If you’re running a restaurant or food service business, you know that there’s more to staying successful than just making good business decisions and attracting customers. One of the most important parts of staying successful is keeping your customers safe and your business compliant with regulations is to ensure food safety in your operations. Here are four reasons why every manager in your business needs to take a Servsafe Safety Exam.

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Ensure Proper Training

While a lot of food safety may seem like it’s easy to understand with common sense, there are some other aspects of food safety that require in-depth knowledge and understanding in order to keep a food setting safe. When your managers have taken a ServSafe course and passed the safety exam, they’ll be properly trained to ensure food safety in your facility.

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Refresh Knowledge

If your managers have already been trained in the past for food safety, you may think that they don’t need to take the exam or courses again. However, if they take the course and exam again, they’ll have an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and improve their overall execution of food safety requirements. 

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Offer Guidance to Team Members

As managers, leadership is part of the job description. Whether it’s leading other team members in following your organization’s rules or it’s enforcing workplace requirements, your managers are a valuable resource in ensuring that your team does what they need to do. When your managers are trained in food safety, they’ll be able to train, guide, and enforce safety measures within your team.

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Blended Learning Strategies

Of course, not every person learns the same way. When your managers need to take food safety courses, ServSafe food safety training courses are designed with blended learning strategies to ensure better retention and learning for people with all kinds of learning styles.

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