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Working in the foodservice industry can be a rewarding career, working with like-minded professionals who want to give their best to their customers, who want to create atmospheres where people can feel at home and safe. But getting to that point requires the right training and knowledge in order to protect your guests from food-related illnesses, you need to know how to recognize potential hazards in the kitchen, how to protect the food from becoming contaminated, how to correctly and safely serve alcohol to your guests, and more. With Nutri-Rific, we offer ServSafe online food safety training classes that will prepare you to enter the workforce with everything you need to succeed.

The team at Nutri-Rific wants to ensure that you have the resources and training necessary to be the top in the industry, providing superior service to your customers. To make that a reality, we want this blog to be a resource for all things food and alcohol safety. As you are going through your training, you can reference this blog to find answers to important questions, we want to help you study for your exams, and provide tips and advice on how to improve your work performance.

Whether you’re here to get your alcohol certification, become a food safety manager, or want to prepare for a health inspection, Nutri-Rific has what you need to attain your goals, including ServSafe online courses, exams, proctors, and more.

ServSafe OnlineHere’s a breakdown of what we offer at Nutr-Rific.

Food Safety Manager

Working as a food safety manager requires a skill that goes beyond just an attention to detail, it takes a thorough knowledge and in-depth understanding on food safety and everything that goes with it. Depending on the position you’re hoping to attain, you may need experience with HACCP, GMP, GFSI, and more. Not sure what any of these stand for? Nutri-Rific will help guide you throughout the process. Training with us includes a practice test, exam scheduling, and a certification exam. We offer online training, both online and face-to-face, and just in-person training. In order to make achieving your goals as easy on your schedule as possible, we offer a variety of options.

Food Handler Training

Whether you want to work as wait staff in a restaurant or aim to be a food safety specialist for a grocery store, it’s essential that you have the necessary training and certification. During your training, you will learn how to recognize biohazards, types of cross-contamination, temperature control, how to safely store food, and more. Nutri-Rific offers affordable options for you to get your certificate with both online and live courses and exams. Sign up for a class today!

Allergens Training

Up to 15 million Americans have some type of food allergy or intolerance, making it incredibly important to understand how to prepare and serve food that is safe. From the way the food is prepared (in what pot or pan, the dishes used, etc.), the ingredients used, and even what utensils are used while eating are important factors when considering food allergies. Another important factor is communication and consistency, when everyone is on the same page in regards to a guests’ allergies, there is a stronger defense against an allergic reaction. Get the tools and knowledge you need with Nutri-Rific.

Alcohol Training

If you’re serving or selling alcohol, it’s essential that you understand your responsibilities. Learn the laws of selling or serving alcohol, how to protect yourself and the workplace from liability, how to recognize and prevent an intoxicated guest from causing a disturbance, how to check IDs to prevent underage sales, and more. Become an expert with training and exams from Nutri-Rific.

ServSafe OnlineMock Food and Health Inspections

Not many restaurant owners or managers look forward to food and health inspections, but it is a necessary part of the industry. Because the report can have such an impact on your restaurant or kitchen, it’s important to do what you can to prepare for it. Nutri-Rific works with industry professionals who have been through the process countless times. Learn what they look for, what areas commonly get marked down, and use that knowledge to properly prepare the space for inspection.

OSHA Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, oversees safety and health conditions in the workplace. OSHA training is required to ensure the safety of yourself, the staff, the guests, and the general upkeep of the workplace. Learn fire prevention and protection, hazard communication, walking surfaces, and more. Nutri-Rific offers employee, management, and instructor level courses.

If you see yourself working in the foodservice industry, get the education and real-life experience you need to succeed with ServSafe online courses and exams. Nutri-Rific has industry professionals to teach you the laws, standards, and procedures to offer the best service possible to your guests and to protect yourself, employees, and the building itself.

Get started today by signing up for an online course. If you have any questions about the courses or exams, please get in touch with us. And check back soon for more blog updates.