Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Become an Instructor and Proctor!

Train-the-Trainer Workshop – Instructor and Proctor (Food Safety)

Designed for in-house or independent food safety coordinators, the Train-the-Trainer Workshop is a convenient and affordable training solution. The framework empowers potential food safety instructors or subject matter experts to educate students. This training is conducted online asynchronously 24/7 with 90-day access.


  • Become a Certified Food Protection Manager
  • Become a Certified Instructor and Proctor for the Food Protection Manager exam


  • Food Industry and Associations
  • Food Safety System; Instructor and Proctor Role
  • Food Handler
  • Food Manager
  • Instructor & Proctor Application
  • Scheduling, Instructor & Proctor Resources
  • Demonstration


The workshop schedule is asynchronous 24/7 with 90-day access. Following a workshop schedule is recommended (select one): a) eight (8) weeks, b) six (6) weeks, four (4) weeks, or d) default – 24/7 90-day access.

Why Train-the-trainer?

Ask yourself, can you identify an internal certified and competent instructor who can conduct internal training for staff? When clients call and say their trainers or subject matter expert instructors need help to be more effective when facilitating training, we ask if they have been through a course or instructor development workshop. The answer is always a resounding “Maybe or I’m not sure!” When we do a bit more investigating, we find out that their facilitators may have studied the content of the training they will be teaching but not the process of facilitating training itself. Training the trainer provides individuals with the practical instructional design skills, platform techniques and confidence they need, and critical skills to facilitate learning and ensure retention. Taking the process a bit further, trainer certifications ensure an individual has demonstrated competency in the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom.


  • Be an internal (in-house) trainer for an organization
  • Be an independent trainer for organizations and individuals
  • For organizations, it is cost-effective by not having to pay an external instructor
  • Allows organizations to control staff training and scheduling
  • Independent trainers can teach others and make extra money either full or part-time


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Train Others

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