The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that in 2016, 47.8 million Americans contracted some sort of foodborne illness. That’s about 1 in 6 Americans, a number that is shockingly high. Of that 47.8 million, 128,000 were hospitalized, and 3,000 died from a foodborne illness. In addition to the lives at stake, if you are a food service operator, your business could be at stake. Nothing ruins the reputation of an establishment like a couple dozen cases of salmonella from improper food handling! The National Restaurant Association estimates the average cost of a foodborne illness outbreak to be over $75,000. Depending on the circumstances and the number of people involved, the cost for you and your eatery can quickly escalate.

These are illnesses and costs that can be prevented with basic food safety knowledge and practices. Nutri-Rific, through its ServSafe certification program, aims to educate those in the food service industry like managers, food-handlers, and other team members on best practices for food safety. The course work includes important food safety topics like employee hygiene and health, receiving, storage, transport, food prep, display, service and more. Your customers will like to know that you take their health seriously and take the necessary steps to ensure they don’t get sick from your food or prep work.

When you choose to be ServSafe certified through Nutri-Rific, you can opt for online classes so as to best fit into your busy schedule. If you would prefer an in-person training, perhaps one where your entire team can attend together, you can sign up for that as well. Reach out to us today by either calling 972-885-0067 or emailing to learn more about ServeSafe certification options.