Four Everyday Ways Managers Can Help Ensure Food Safety

Welcome to Nutri-Rific! If you own an individual or chain restaurant and you are looking to pass a food safety exam, or you are looking to ensure your employees and managers have the necessary training, we offer certification courses for your convenience. This blog explores four ways restaurant managers can ensure food safety, and we…read more

4 Common Challenges When Taking The ServSafe Food Manager Test

When it comes to working in the food industry, the ServSafe Food Manager test can help set you apart from others who also work in food. At Nutri-Rific we specialize in educating and training anyone and everyone who works in the food industry. If you are looking forward to taking the ServSafe Food Manager test,…read more

How to Prepare for the ServSafe Food Manager Exam

At Nutri-Rific, we know that preparing for a food safety certification exam can be challenging. That’s why we’re committed to offering quality products that help to set you up for success. Not sure where to begin preparing for your ServSafe food manager exam? We’re sharing our tips below, so keep reading to learn more to…read more