Enrollment Steps for Course & Exam
1) Review service info
2) Register & Pay (Cost+Sales Tax)
3) Check email for course access info and payment status
4) Once course is completed contact us to schedule exam/proctor at https://www.nutrirific.com/contact-us/ or Email: Info@NutriRific.com

ServSafe Alcohol

The ServSafe Alcohol Course provides the fundamentals of responsible alcohol service by combining interactive exercises, audio and video and role-play activities to help prepare participants for real-life scenarios. Designed for convenience, this mobile enabled four-hour course has a bookmark feature that allows users to easily return to where they left off.

  • ServSafe Alcohol Online Course and PRIMARY EXAM (Non-Proctored)
  • ServSafe Alcohol Online Course and ADVANCED EXAM (Proctored)

Upon purchase, you will receive access to the course and an Exam Access Code for each course purchased. After completing the course, the student may begin the exam by entering his/her Exam Access Code. A Registered ServSafe Alcohol Online Proctor or an Approved ServSafe Alcohol Instructor must also enter the Proctor Access Code before the exam can begin.


Online Course & Primary Exam $30.00 
Interactive online training 24/7 and 90 day access w/exam (non-proctored). Available: Nationwide

Online Course w/ Proctored Exam $30.00 
Interactive online training and exam with 24/7 and 90 day access w/exam (proctored). Exam scheduled separately and completed at our sites. Available: Nationwide

Exam Only $20.00 
Non-proctored or Proctored exam only. Available: Nationwide

Group Discounts
<9 Individual(s) 0%
10<19 Individuals 10%
20<49 Individuals 15%
50<more Individuals 20%