Students registered for Live/Remote Online Teaching (LRON) courses will learn material online LIVE with an instructor during the scheduled days/times (synchronous). Students are expected to attend class remotely via video conference. Training and exam materials are provided on the day of the session.


Device with internet access (computer, laptop), camera, audio, quiet environment, lights, and ID (ex., license, passport, school). No visitors, and ensure the space remains quiet. Clear all items/distractions from the immediate area. Please join the meeting from your computer or laptop and download the desktop app (5-10 minutes before start time).

If you haven’t done so before the scheduled session, visit and register for an account. We recommend that your username be your email address and keep your password simple to remember. In preparation and to link your exam to your account, email your username and password to and be ready to provide it to the proctor.

To enter the classroom, CLICK HERE or

Once the meeting starts, you must log into the online course to complete activities. Log in to get a head start. CLICK HERE.