A Food Microbiology course is a program providing a basic understanding of the ecology of microorganisms in foods, detection, enumeration, isolation, and identification of pathogens and/or their toxins. This includes E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter, spoilage and mycotoxigenic fungi, and mycotoxins. Individuals involved in the food industry who work in quality control, quality assurance, sanitation, and food production who need to increase their knowledge and skills in basic food safety should attend a course like this.

Those in the Houston and Dallas Texas area have NutriRific for this. Our course is delivered in classroom and laboratory environments and includes a mixture of theory, demonstrations, and practical sessions on the fundamentals of food microbiology and food safety. You will learn skills and knowledge that you can translate back to your commercial kitchen. Our curriculum includes:

  • Learning about spoilage, pathogenic, and beneficial microorganisms in the food industry.
  • Learning basic and advanced microbiological techniques for isolating and quantifying microorganisms of public health concern.
  • Understanding how to interpret laboratory results and decide what actions need to be taken to control the growth of a particular organism.
  • A basic understanding of the ecology of microorganisms in foods the identification of pathogens.
  • A development of understanding of the methods used to isolate important spoilage microorganisms and foodborne pathogens and the role of food microbiologist in ensuring safe food products.
  • Exchanging ideas and network with colleagues.

At NutriRific, our Food Microbiology course provides insight into the most recent developments of foodborne pathogens, toxins, and contaminants that may occur in a food plant or restaurant environment. For more information, please email Info@NutriRific.com. You can also fill out our online form and send us a massage.