Key Components of the Food Safety Manager Certification Course

Before receiving your Food Safety Manager Certification, you must pass the ANSI-accredited Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Fortunately, at Nutri-Rific Hospitality & Food System Solutions, our food safety manager training course includes everything you need to pass the exam. Not to mention, we offer convenient blended learning with in-person and online class options. Learn more about the key components of the Food Safety Manager Certification course, then register with Nutri-Rific today.

walk-in freezer

Time and Temperature Control

From properly thawing frozen meat to hot holding foods, time and temperature control are critical when it comes to food safety. Without following regulations or taking the correct precautions, it’s easy for harmful bacteria to thrive, leading to dangerous foodborne illnesses. Our food safety training course teaches you how to ensure food safety through time and temperature control.

very clean kitchen

Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleanliness and sanitation are crucial in maintaining food safety, especially when raw meat or eggs are involved. That’s why we dedicate a portion of our Food Safety Manager Certification course to educating students on how to wash, rinse, and sanitize their dishes and food preparation areas. We’ll also cover the most common foodborne pathogens and illnesses and how to prevent spreading them.

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Cross-Contamination Prevention

One of the most dangerous mistakes a kitchen can make when handling raw meat is cross-contamination. Harmful pathogens live within raw meat, and without the necessary precautions, those pathogens can spread throughout the entire space. Our food safety course will teach you how to prevent this.

washing hands

Proper Personal Hygiene Practices

In the kitchen, adequate personal hygiene practices are of the utmost importance in keeping customers and fellow staff members safe. In our food safety certification class, we’ll show proper hand-washing techniques and educate our students on the impact of their personal hygiene habits.

When you register for the Food Safety Manager Certification course from Nutri-Rific, you can expect to learn everything needed to acquire and maintain your Food Safety Manager Certification. Register today to get started.