In order for your restaurant, cafeteria, grocery store, or commercial kitchen to succeed, you must create a foundation of safe food culture. It is not just about what you know, but how you apply what you know as well. This is what makes the difference and this begins with certification. Nutri-Rific provides you with personal certification for your managers responsible for food safety. Our exams not only test your technical food safety knowledge, but also the behaviors needed to effectively implement that knowledge. The NRFSP (National Registry of Food Safety Professional) Certification is what sets you apart from the rest, proving you know exactly how keep everyone eating your food safe and healthy.

Whether you run a large restaurant, manage a retail grocery store, or even are in charge of a convenience store that sells food, you need this certification. Your customers will like to know that you take their health seriously and take the necessary steps to ensure they don’t get sick from your food or prep work. This will lead to the choosing your business over and over, keeping your profits high will any complaints about your food low. Nothing ruins the reputation of an establishment like a incident of salmonella!

Even better, when you choose to be certified through Nutri-Nific, you can opt for online classes so as to best fit into your busy schedule. If you would prefer an in-person training, perhaps one where your entire team can attend together, you can sign up for that as well. Reach out to us today by either calling 972-885-0067 or emailing to learn more about certification options.