How to Prepare for the ServSafe Food Manager Exam

At Nutri-Rific, we know that preparing for a food safety certification exam can be challenging. That’s why we’re committed to offering quality products that help to set you up for success. Not sure where to begin preparing for your ServSafe food manager exam? We’re sharing our tips below, so keep reading to learn more to get certified today!

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Know What to Expect

If you’re getting your ServSafe manager certification, it’s important to know what to expect. To pass your 90-question exam, you need a score of at least 70%. If you fail the first time, you can study further and take your exam again whenever you’re ready.

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Study, Study, Study

As with all exams, if you’re interested in getting your food manager certification, it’s important to study as much as possible. Everyone learns differently, so whether you prefer taking notes, making flashcards, or poring over course materials, do whatever you need to make the most of each study session.

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed

The ServSafe food manager exam can feel overwhelming, but the most important thing to remind yourself is that you’ll get through it. Taking practice tests is a great way to keep yourself moving forward and to find the areas where you could use additional study.

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The Right Approach

With Nutri-Rific courses, you can expect a blend of face-to-face and online learning that always puts your needs first. Our learner-centered approach focuses on active learning, keeping you engaged, collaboration, and problem-based learning to set you up for success.

Are you ready to start preparing for your ServSafe food manager exam? Nutri-Rific is proud to offer training, exam, and educational materials for food service professionals that help you earn the certifications you need. Learn more here, then get started today!

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