Complete this form if you purchased the course for someone other than yourself. The purchaser if using the same contact information provided during the purchase will automatically be enrolled into the course. However, if the purchaser enrolls someone else they will be unenrolled. For example, John Doe purchased one (1) online course for another individual Sally Popper. Thus, John will enroll Sally and John will be unenrolled from the course.

Within 24 hours, via email enrollee(s) will be provided course access instructions and exam information. Required information includes:

  • First Name – student
  • Last Name – student
  • Email – For each student use a different email (personal or business). Duplicate email addresses cannot be used
  • Program – Ex. Manager (FM), Handler (FH), Alcohol, Allergen

The purchaser for a group with five or more individuals will be able to view the entire group status within the course.

  • Locate on order receipt - example 11223
  • Student First NameStudent Last NameStudent EmailStudent PhoneProgram (Example Food Manager or FM)