Effectively Managing a Busy Restaurant

The restaurant industry can be an environment of great learning and growth, but it can also become a nightmare of danger and yelling (i.e. Hell’s Kitchen with Gordan Ramsey). With so many people working together, it doesn’t work unless there is cohesion and agreement when making choices about guests’ food preparation. The kitchen can be…read more

An Introduction to OSHA Regulations for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner or manager, there’s always a lot on your plate, no pun intended. From maintaining your kitchen to working with reviewers to managing your staff, there’s a lot to do. But part of your responsibilities as an owner or manager is to be aware of the laws that protect your employees.  Whether…read more

The Most Common Reasons Restaurants Fail Health Inspections

Have you ever opened up the local newspaper and taken a look at the restaurants that failed their health inspections? Invariably, in this list of food-based obituaries, there will be a few that you really enjoyed that have gone under. While we might be surprised that these restaurants did not pass their health inspection, the…read more

Tips for Serving Alcohol Responsibly

Whether you’re a new server or have been doing it for years, or if you’re a restaurant manager or owner, one of the many incredibly important regulations that establishments must follow is to responsibly serve alcohol. But what does that mean? Even though restaurant owners love the fact that alcoholic beverages help to pad their…read more

6 Tips For Taking Online Courses

In a previous blog, we looked at the benefits of taking ServSafe online courses. Online courses provide an opportunity to do the work when your schedule allows, you can pace yourself through the course, and they are cost-effective. However, one of the biggest benefits is actually a potential drawback as well — flexibility. Flexibility is…read more

Food Safety Managers: Roles and Responsibilities

There are a lot of roles within the foodservice industry, including everyone from servers, bussers, line cooks, all the way to restaurant managers, food service managers, and food safety managers. In this post, we’re going over the details of what a food safety manager is and what responsibilities they have. At Nutri-Rific, we offer ServSafe…read more

Benefits of Online Food Safety Courses

Furthering your education can be difficult when you’ve reached a certain age and are already in the workforce, if you took a few years off after high school or college, or if the funds just aren’t available. But if you’re looking to work in a certain field, getting that degree can be incredibly beneficial, and…read more