Why are mock inspections important?

How much do you hate getting points knocked off of your health inspections for the same silly violations every single time? Did you know that for most restaurants that these reports are posted online and even on social media sites like Yelp?

You should also know that something like not labeling a spray bottle shows up as “Standard Not Met: Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used”. Or for trash cans being to close to a food prep counters you’ll get “Standard Not Met: Garbage and refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained” These things do not look good to the public and could be affecting your business.

Nutri-Rific can help!

By partnering with Nutri-Rific to do your mock health inspection, you will get an inspection from industry professionals with 20 years of restaurant operation experience. We will teach and support you in developing, practicing, and maintaining and inspection system. You will be provided with tools and tips to make your audits more effective than even the health inspector will provide because we’ve been there.

System thinking for success

Inspection and training will take 2 hours or less and you will be fully equipped to do your own inspections. This is different than having an outside auditor do a quarterly inspection because your team looks to you for guidance and you will be showing them how important food safety is to you by spending the time to do it right.  Once you get the hang of it you will spend less than an hour a month to protect your guests and your business.

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